DEMB Working Paper Series

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I Working papers sono la nuova collana di pubblicazioni del Dipartimento, nata nel luglio 2012, di cui è responsabile la professoressa Silvia Muzzioli. E' diffusa online ed è inserita nella banca dati RePEc (Research Papers in Economics),un database bibliografico centralizzato che comprende 1800 archivi di 86 paesi diversi.

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134Emil Ernst, Alberto ZaffaroniNew representations of sets of lower bounds and of sets with supremum in Archimedean order-unit vector spaces2018Download file pdf 
133Silvia MuzzioliThe properties of a skewness index and its relation with volatility and returns2018Download file pdf 
132Silvia MuzzioliThe use of option prices in order to evaluate the skewness risk premium2018Download file pdf 
131Francesco Caloia, Andrea Cipollini, Silvia MuzzioliOn the financial connectedness of the commodity market: a replication of the Diebold and Yilmaz (2012) study2018Download file pdf 
130Margherita Russo, Pasquale Pavone, Armanda CetruloCinquanta anni di contrattazione di secondo livello: che cosa impariamo dal caso Lamborghini?, pp. 462018Download file pdf 
129Alberto Rinaldi, Giulia TagliazucchiWomen Entrepreneurs in Italy: A Prosopographic Study, pp. 262018Download file pdf 
128Massimo Baldini, Giulia Mancini, Giovanni VecchiNo country for young people. Poverty and Age in Italy, 1948-2018, pp. 412018Download file pdf 
127Simone Piras, Francesca Pancotto, Simone Righi, Matteo Vittuari, Marco SettiFood waste as a (negative) measure of social capital. A study across Italian Provinces, pp. 452018Download file pdf 
126Massimo Baldini, Elizabeth J. Casabianca, Elena Giarda, Lorenzo LusignoliThe impact of REI on Italian households’ income: A micro and macro evaluation, pp. 302018Download file pdf 
125Simone ScagliariniThe allocation of responsabilities between the central state and local authorities in the countries of the alpine area, pp.182018Download file pdf 
124Tindara Addabbo, Maddalena Davoli, Marina MuratIs there an immigrant-gender gap in education? An empirical investigation based on PISA data from Italy2018Download file pdf 
123Luigi Brighi, Marcello D'AmatoPrivate Information and the Commitment Value of Unobservable Investment, pp. 412018Download file pdf 
122Giovanni BonifatiIl contributo di Marx a una critica del determinismo tecnologico. Premesse per una ontologia critica dell’innovazione, pp. 412017Download file pdf 
121Luigi Brighi, Marcello D'AmatoStrategic Effects of Investment and Private Information: The Incumbent's Curse, pp. 252017Download file pdf 
120Marina MuratForeign aid and asylum immigration. Does development matter?, pp. 342017Download file pdf 
119Pasquale Pavone, Margherita RussoWPTIP 1993-2017: a longitudinal analysis of issues, connections and impact of the discussion on technology and innovation policy at Oecd, pp. 482017Download file pdf 
118Graziella Bertocchi, Arcangelo Dimico, Francesco Lancia, Alessia RussoYouth Enfranchisement, Political Responsiveness, and Education Expenditure: Evidence from the U.S., pp. 662017Download file pdf 
117Massimo BaldiniQuestioni valutative in relazione alla definizione di 'povertà', pp. 262017Download file pdf 
116Pasquale Pavone, Margherita RussoClusters of specializations in the automotive supply chain in Italy. An empirical analysis using text mining, pp. 352017Download file pdf 
115Pasquale Pavone, Margherita RussoStrategie, pubbliche e private, in azione per ri-costruire meglio. Analisi dei testi di quattro interviste, pp. 172017Download file pdf 
114Daniela MantovaniComparing redistributive efficiency of tax-benefit systems in Europe, pp. 212017Download file pdf 
113Marina MuratForeign Aid and responsiveness of bilateral refugee inflows, pp. 292017Download file pdf 
112Barbara Pistoresi, Maddalena Cavicchioli, Giulio BreviniCentral Bank Independence, financial instability and politics: new evidence for OECD and non-OECD countries, pp. 142017Download file pdf 
111Antonella Cavallo, Antonio RibbaMeasuring the Effects of Oil Price and Euro-area. Shocks on CEECs Business Cycles, pp. 292017Download file pdf 
110Francesco Pagliacci, Margherita RussoEarthquake hazard in Italy. Cluster analysis of socio-economic data to inform place-based policy measures, pp. 692017Download file pdf 
109Raphael Raduzzi, Antonio RibbaThe Macroeconomics Outcome of Oil Shocks in the Small Eurozone Economies, pp. 252017Download file pdf 
108Paola Mengoli, Margherita RussoA hybrid space to support the regeneration of competences for re-industrialization. Lessons from a research-action, pp. 182017Download file pdf 
107Massimo Baldini, Vito Peragine, Luca SilvestriQuality of government and subjective poverty in Europe2017Download file pdf 
106Francesco Codeluppi, Francesca Pancotto,Simone RighiReflexivity reduces pro-sociality but only among strategic subjects, pp. 642017Download file pdf 
105Emil Ernst, Alberto ZaffaroniCharacterizing sets of lower bounds: a hidden convexity result, pp. 132016Download file pdf 
104Paolo Di Martino, Barbara Pistoresi,Alberto RinaldiInternational financial flows, domestic banks, and the economic development of the periphery: Italy, 1861-1913, pp. 312016Download file pdf 
103Elyas Elyasiani, Luca Gambarelli, Silvia MuzzioliMoment Risk Premia and the Cross-Section of Stock Returns, pp. 342016Download file pdf 
102Elyas Elyasiani, Luca Gambarelli, Silvia MuzzioliFear or greed? What does a skewness index measure?, pp. 542016Download file pdf 
101Giulia PiscitelliQuale qualità del lavoro per le donne nella meccanica modenese? Una ricerca sul campo, pp.602016Download file pdf 
100Riccardo RighiCommunity detection of agents interacting through regional innovation policies: structures, processes and functions, pp. 132016Download file pdf 
99Elyas Elyasiani, Silvia Muzzioli, Alessio RuggieriForecasting and pricing powers of option-implied tree models: Tranquil and volatile market conditions, pp. 372016Download file pdf 
98Sergio Paba, Rita BertozziWhat happens to students with an immigrant background in the transition to higher education? Evidence from Italy, pp. 242016Download file pdf 
97Francesco Pagliacci, Simone Righi, Margherita Russo (eds) in collaboration with M. Casoni, M. Farinosi, L. Fortunati, C. Garzillo, M. Guggenheim, P. Lauriola, B. Oppi, S. Pedrazzi, K. Petersen, M. VillaniEnhancing the resilience of social infrastructures: issues on agents, artefacts and processes. Proceedings of the 2016 Modena Workshop, pp. 262016Download file pdf 
96Graziella BertocchiThe Legacies of Slavery in and out of Africa, pp. 332016Download file pdf 
95Graziella Bertocchi, Monica BozzanoOrigins and implications of family structure across Italian provinces, pp. 23 in historical perspective2016Download file pdf 
94Elisa Gibertini, Paolo SilvestriIl Laboratorio per l’accreditamento di Ateneo. Prime valutazioni di un’esperienza di formazione personale e collettiva a UNIMORE, pp. 162016Download file pdf 
93Margherita Russo (ed.) in collaboration with Sara Pozzoli and Filippo TantilloDocumenting work through videos. A project by Officina Emilia with nine engineering firms in the province of Modena (2008-2010), pp. 332016Download file pdf 
92Francesco Giuseppe Caloia, Andrea Cipollini, Silvia MuzzioliA note on normalization schemes: The case of generalized forecast error variance decompositions, pp. 232016Download file pdf 
91Massimo Baldini, Giovanni Gallo, Manuel Reverberi, Andrea TrapaniSocial transfers and poverty in Europe: comparing social exclusion and targeting across welfare regimes, pp.292016Download file pdf 
90Simone Righi, Karoly TakacsThe Miracle of Peer Review and Development in Science: An Agent-Based Model, pp. 192016Download file pdf 
89Andrea Marchioni, Carlo Alberto MagniSensitivity analysis and investment decisions: NPV-consistency of rates of return, pp. 252016Download file pdf 
88Pasquale Pavone, Valentina Fiordelmondo, Margherita RussoDocumentare e comunicare l'attività di trasferimento tecnologico. Analisi testuale della comunicazione dei poli di innovazione, pp. 272016Download file pdf 
87Paola Bertolini, Francesco PagliacciTerritorial Unbalances in Quality of Life. A focus on Italian Inner and Rural Areas, pp. 252016Download file pdf 
86Maddalena Cavicchioli, Angeliki Papana, Ariadni Papana Dagiasis, Barbara PistoresiDeterminants of Central Bank independence: a random forest approach, pp. 112016Download file pdf 
85Giorgio Luigi RissoUn sistema di gestione dei servizi per il lavoro nel settore dell’assistenza familiare, pp.242016Download file pdf 
84Ennio Bilancini, Leonardo Boncinelli, Jiabin WuzThe Interplay of Cultural Aversion and Assortativity for the Emergence of Cooperation, pp.362016Download file pdf 
83Hartmut Lehmann, Tiziano Razzolini, Anzelika ZaicevaWorker flows and Labour Market Adjustment during the Great Recession: Evidence from a Large Shock, pp.542016Download file pdf 
82Francesco Pagliacci, Margherita RussoSocio-economic effects of an earthquake: does sub-regional counterfactual sampling matter in estimates? An empirical test on the 2012 Emilia-Romagna earthquake, pp. 272016Download file pdf 
81Margherita Russo, Paolo Silvestri (eds)Innovation and development after the earthquake in Emilia, pp. 352016Download file pdf 
80Giovanni Gallo, Costanza Torricelli, Arthur van SoestIndividual heterogeneity and pension choices: How to communicate an effective message?, pp. 282016Download file pdf 
79Luigi Brighi, Paolo SilvestriInefficiency in Childcare Production. Evidence from Italian Microdata, pp. 392016Download file pdf 
78Maddalena Cavicchioli, Barbara PistoresiTesting threshold cointegration in Wagner's Law: the role of military spending, pp. 242016Download file pdf 
77Antonio RibbaProductivity growth shocks and unemployment in the postwar US economy, pp. 142016Download file pdf 
76Giovanni BonifatiThe implications of the concept of exaptation for a theory of economic change, pp. 302015Download file pdf 
75Yuri Biondi, Simone RighiMuch ado about making money: the impact of disclosure, news and rumors over the formation of security market prices over time, pp. 402015Download file pdf 
74Matteo di Cristofaro, Valentina Fiordelmondo, Stefano Ghinoi, Margherita RussoPromozione del sistema dei poli di innovazione nello spazio web: analisi dei contenuti e delle reti di relazioni virtuali, pp. 362015Download file pdf 
73Simone RighiCampaign Spending and Rents in a Probabilistic Voting Model, pp. 362015Download file pdf 
72Pasquale Pavone, Margherita RussoAnalisi lessico testuale delle ordinanze del Commissario Delegato alla ricostruzione in Emilia-Romagna: un contributo alla legge nazionale su emergenza e ricostruzione, pp.282015Download file pdf 
71Marco Ranuzzini, Francesco Pagliacci, Margherita RussoL'informatizzazione delle procedure per la ricostruzione: prime evidenze dai contributi concessi per le abitazioni, pp. 472015Download file pdf 
70Elisabetta Gualandri, Alessia Pedrazzoli, Paola VezzaniFinanziare la ricostruzione: attività e attori coinvolti nel sisma dell'Emilia Romagna, pp. 342015Download file pdf 
69Manuel Reverberi, Margherita RussoI contributi alle imprese colpite dal sisma del 2012 in Emilia-Romagna: una base informativa per l'analisi e il monitoraggio della ricostruzione, pp.342015Download file pdf 
68Francesco Pagliacci, Paola BertoliniLe specificità del sistema agro-alimentare nella ricostruzione post-sisma, pp. 312015Download file pdf 
67Enrico Giovannetti, Francesco Pagliacci, Silvia PergettiIl processo della ricostruzione dell'abitare in Emilia, pp. 322015Download file pdf 
66Elisa Martinelli , Giulia Tagliazucchi, Gianluca MarchiDisastri naturali e dynamic capabilities nel commercio, pp. 332015Download file pdf 
65Barbara Pistoresi, Alberto Rinaldi, Francesco SalsanoGovernment expenditure and economic development: evidence from Italy 1862-2009, pp. 282015Download file pdf 
64Elyas Elyasiani, Luca Gambarelli, Silvia MuzzioliTowards a skewness index for the Italian stock market, pp. 402015Download file pdf 
63Paolo Cardullo, Margherita RussoEarthquake in the city: the people yet to come, pp. 252015Download file pdf 
62Margherita Russo, Annalisa Caloffi, Federica Rossi, Valentina Fiordelmondo, Stefano GhinoiEvaluating the performance of innovation intermediaries: insights from the experience of Tuscany’s innovation poles, pp. 162015Download file pdf 
61Vittorio Piazzi, Francesco Pagliacci, Margherita RussoAnalisi cluster delle caratteristiche socio-economiche dei comuni dell'Emilia-Romagna: un confronto tra comuni dentro e fuori dal cratere del sisma, pp. 462015Download file pdf 
60Carlo Alberto Magni, Ken V. PeasnellThe Term Structure of Capital Values: An accounting-based framework for measuring economic profitability, pp. 322015Download file pdf 
59Barbara Pistoresi, Alberto Rinaldi, Francesco SalsanoLa spesa pubblica in Italia: una crescita senza limiti?, pp. 1122015Download file pdf 
58Yuri Biondi, Simone RighiInequality, mobility and the financial accumulation process: a computational economic analysis, pp. 362015Download file pdf 
57Pietro Dallari, Antonio RibbaEconomic shocks and their effects on unemployment in the euro area periphery under the EMU, pp. 292015Download file pdf 
56Marina Murat, María Luisa Recalde, Pedro Gabriel DegiovanniThe education networks of Latin America. Effects on trade during and after the cold war, pp. 222015Download file pdf 
55Graziella Bertocchi, Arcangelo DimicoThe long-term determinants of female HIV infection in Africa: the slave trade, polygyny, and sexual behavior, pp. 402015Download file pdf 
54Francesco SilvestriInnovation and Technical Change in the European Municipal Waste Industry, pp. 442015Download file pdf 
53Antonio RibbaWhat drives US inflation and unemployment in the long run?, pp. 11.2015Download file pdf 
52Monica BozzanoOn the historical roots of women’s empowerment across Italian provinces: religion or family culture?, pp. 33.2015Download file pdf 
51Ennio Bilancini, Leonardo BoncinelliSocial coordination with locally observable types, pp. 41.2015Download file pdf 
50Carlo Alberto MagniInvestment, financing and the role of ROA and WACC in value creation, pp. 362015Download file pdf 
49Massimo Baldini, Daniele Pacifico, Federica TerminiImputation of missing expenditure information in standard household income surveys, pp. 212015Download file pdf 
48Carlo Alberto MagniROI and profitability index: a note on managerial performance, pp.142015Download file pdf 
47Andrea Cipollini, Iolanda Lo Cascio, Silvia MuzzioliVolatility risk premia and financial connectedness, pp. 242014Download file pdf 
46Giovanni BonifatiInvestimenti, consumi e occupazione. Capacità produttiva, domanda effettiva e distribuzione del reddito nel lungo periodo, pp. 642014Download file pdf 
45Margherita Russo, Francesco Silvestri, Valentina Fiordelmondo, Annalisa Caloffi, Federica Rossi, Stefano Ghinoi, Antonio KaulardPolitiche a sostegno del sistema di ricerca e sviluppo in Danimarca, Finlandia, Francia, Germania, Italia, Spagna e Svezia, pp. 242014Download file pdf 
44Margherita Russo, Francesco Silvestri, Valentina Fiordelmondo, Annalisa Caloffi, Federica Rossi, Stefano Ghinoi, Antonio KaulardPolitiche di innovazione e trasferimento tecnologico in Toscana. Ricognizione degli strumenti attivati nel periodo 2000-2013, pp. 332014Download file pdf 
43Marina MuratSoft, hard or smart power? International students and investments abroad, pp. 332014Download file pdf 
42Tindara Addabbo, Marco Fuscaldo, Anna MaccagnanCare and the capability of living a healthy life in a gender perspective, pp. 142014Download file pdf 
41Francesca FazioTrade unions Twitter analytics: to what extent trade unions interact with youth?, pp. 692014Download file pdf 
40Paola BertoliniL’evoluzione della presenza femminile nell’agricoltura italiana ed i nuovi tratti dell’imprenditoria delle donne, pp. 372014Download file pdf 
39Luigi Brighi e Marcello D'AmatoLimit pricing and secret barriers to entry, pp. 522014Download file pdf 
38Tindara Addabbo e Elena SartiAccess to work and disability: the case of Italy, pp. 262014Download file pdf 
37Sebastiano Brusco e Sergio PabaTowards a History of the Italian Industrial Districts from the End of World War II to the Nineties, pp.572014Download file pdf 
36Graziella Bertocchi e Monica BozzanoFamily Structure and the Education Gender Gap: Evidence from Italian Provinces, pp. 322014Download file pdf 
35Paola Mengoli e Margherita RussoInnovation in education and re-industrialisation in Europe, pp. 132014Download file pdf 
34Ennio Bilancini e Leonardo BoncinelliDynamic Adverse Selection and the Supply Size, pp. 512014Download file pdf 
33Tindara Addabbo, Rosa García-Fernández, Carmen Llorca-Rodríguez, e Anna MaccagnanMeasuring the Impact of the Crisis on Unemployment and Household Income, pp. 312014Download file pdf 
32Barbara Pistoresi e Alberto RinaldiCapital Iinflows, Current Accounts and Investment Cycle in Italy: 1861-1913, pp. 232014Download file pdf 
31Hartmut Lehmann e Anzelika ZaicevaInformal Employment in Russia: Definitions, Incidence, Determinants and Labor Market Segmentation, pp. 522014Download file pdf 
30Annalisa Caloffi, Federica Rossi e Margherita RussoThe roles of different intermediaries in innovation networks: A network-based approach to the design of innovation policies2014Download file pdf 
29Silvia MuzzioliThe optimal Corridor for Implied Volatility: from Calm to Turmoil periods, pp. 262013Download file pdf 
28S. Muzzioli, A. Ruggieri, B. De BaetsA comparison of fuzzy regression methods for the estimation of the implied volatility smile function, pp. 212013Download file pdf 
27Federica Rossi, Annalisa Caloffi e Margherita RussoCan policy design help organizations improve their networking capabilities? An empirical analysis on a regional policy, pp.162013Download file pdf 
26Margherita Russo, Ruchira Ghose e Mauro MattioliHomm-sw Networks-of-stories to value tangible and intangible heritage in museums, pp. 132013Download file pdf 
25Paola Brighi e Valeria VenturelliHow Income Diversification, Size and Capital Ratio Affect BHC’s Performance?, pp. 232013Download file pdf 
24Antonio RibbaSources of Unemployment Fluctuations in the USA and in the Euro Area in the Last Decade, pp. 152013Download file pdf 
23Margherita Russo, Valentina Fiordelmondo, Antonio Kaulard, Paola Mengoli, Anna Natali e Francesco SilvestriLEVE. Reti di competenza e sviluppo locale in provincia di Livorno, pp. 632013Download file pdf 
22Antonella Cavallo e Antonio RibbaEuro area Inflation as a Predictor of National Inflation Rates, pp. 262013Download file pdf 
21Margherita RussoReti di competenze e innovazione nei sistemi di piccole imprese meccaniche, pp. 242013Download file pdf 
20Graziella Bertocchi, Alfonso Gambardella, Tullio Jappelli, Carmela A. Nappi e Franco PeracchiBibliometric Evaluation vs. Informed Peer Review: Evidence from Italy, pp. 382013Download file pdf 
19Tindara Addabbo, Rosa García-Fernández, Carmen Llorca-Rodríguez e Anna MaccagnanThe effect of the crisis on material deprivation in Italy and Spain, pp. 242013Download file pdf 
18Lina Gálvez-Muñoz, Paula Rodríguez-Modroño e Tindara AddabboThe impact of European Union austerity policy on women's work in Southern Europe, pp. 232013Download file pdf 
17Tindara Addabbo, Marco Centra, Maurizio Curtarelli, Marco Fuscaldo e Valentina GualtieriThe quality of work dimensions. Results of a multivariate analysis from the Third Isfol Survey on Quality of work in Italy, pp. 192013Download file pdf 
16Tindara Addabbo, Elena Sarti e Dario SciulliDisability, life satisfaction and social interaction in Italy, pp. 322013Download file pdf 
15Silvia Muzzioli e Alessio RuggieriOption Implied Trees and Implied Moments, pp. 372013Download file pdf 
14Marina MuratEducation ties and investments abroad. Empirical evidence from the US and UK, pp. 282013Download file pdf 
13Carlo Drago, Roberto Ricciuti, Alberto Rinaldi e Michelangelo VastaA counterfactual analysis of the bank-industry relationship in Italy, 1913-1936, pp. 402013Download file pdf 
12Giuseppe MarottaPer un accesso sostenibile delle Pmi al credito (A sustainable access to credit for SMEs), pp. 192013Download file pdf 
11Barbara Pistoresi and Alberto RinaldiExternal constraint and economic growth in Italy: 1861-2000, pp. 382013Download file pdf 
10Addabbo, Paula Rodríguez-Modroño e Lina Gálvez-MuñozGender and the Great Recession: Changes in labour supply in Spain, pp. 252013Download file pdf 
9Paula Rodríguez Modroño, Lina Gálvez Muñoz, Mauricio Matus López & Mónica Domínguez SerranoA gender analysis of children’s well-being and capabilities through time use data, pp. 252013Download file pdf 
8Anzelika Zaiceva and Klaus F. ZimmermannReturning Home at Times of Trouble? Return Migration of EU Enlargement Migrants during the Crisis, pp. 262013Download file pdf 
7Graziella Bertocchi e Monica BozzanoWomen, Medieval Commerce, and the Education Gender Gap, pp. 282013Download file pdf 
6Michele BruniLabor market and demographic scenarios for ASEAN countries (2010-35) Education, skill development, manpower needs, migration flows and economic growth, pp.632013Download file pdf 
5Tindara Addabbo e Randi KjeldstadHousehold affiliation among young adult women and men in Italy and Norway: The significance of work, culture, and money, pp. 272012Download file pdf 
4Tindara Addabbo, Jaya Krishnakumar, e Elena SartiDoes disability discourage? An empirical analysis of the disabled labour force in Italy, pp. 472012Download file pdf 
3Daniela Bigarelli e Margherita RussoEffetti della crisi internazionale sulla subfornitura meccanica in Emilia Romagna, pp. 2262012Download file pdf 
2Marina MuratOut of sight, not out of mind. Education networks and international trade, pp. 23.2012Download file pdf 
1Graziella Bertocchi e Arcangelo DimicoDe Jure and de Facto Determinants of Power: Evidence from Mississippi, pp. 33.2012Download file pdf