Free choice exams - Master Degree Courses

All master degree courses offer exams for which there is a free choice.
Students enrolled on the master degree courses can take the free choice exams starting from the year in which they feature in their course syllabus.
As a rule, the free choice exams can also be chosen from subjects taught in other master degree courses in the Marco Biagi Department of Economics.
If a student intends to choose from the subjects taught in degree courses in Economics or in courses in other Departments in the University of Reggio Emilia and Modena, they must submit a written application for authorisation to the contact person for their master degree course (who must sign the application) and, once having obtained the approval of the Department Committee, must be informed about the regulations in force in the other Department. The application must be submitted before the deadline prescribed for the completion of the online study programme.
Finally, the student may not retake exams already sat in their previous university career.

For information:

Documento( formato DOC ): Modulo esame a libera scelta lauree magistrali DM 270/04