Master degree in Data Analysis for Economics and Management

Classe di laurea magistrale interclasse LM56 - Scienze dell'economia e LM77 - Scienze economico-aziendali


he Programme in Data Analysis for Economics and Management aims to provide knowledge and skills in economics and management, with a specific focus on the digital world. The information society is indeed characterized by a huge availability of data of economic and business interest. The expected vocational profile at the end of the Programme is that of an expert in the collection, management, processing and analysis of data, as well as in the visualization and communication of results.

Data can be of great use to guide business decisions and economic policy choices. To this end, data must be selected, synthesized and processed, using appropriate quantitative computer, statistical and econometric techniques.

Also, effective use of data requires specialized knowledge related to their context of application, such as economic and managerial skills. Therefore, on the labor market there is a growing demand for qualified professional profiles in the technical-quantitative respect, on the one hand, and economics and business, on the other. It is to these needs that the programme aims to answer.

Professional profiles and potential jobs

The two main professional figures that the programme aims to train are: Data Analyst for economic-financial institutions; Expert in data-driven business processes. As for the first profile, we envisage several employment opportunities: Economic and financial institutions, public and private study centers, public administration, national and international organizations (for example, Istat, Eurostat, Oecd, Bank of Italy, Ecb, Imf), statistical and research offices of local authorities and companies in the private sector. The continuation of graduates’ training in the field of PhDs in economics, both domestic and foreign, represents a further option. For the second profile, Expert in data-driven business processes, employment opportunities are foreseen above all in native digital companies or, in any case, companies affected by data-driven innovation and / or transformation processes, and in related business consulting activities.  

Overall, the training profiles combine data analysis skills with economic and managerial ones, so that graduates can get to cover decision-making roles of significant responsibility in different work environments, public and private.

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