Access to the final exam: rules and deadlines

For any information please refer to Segreteria studenti (via Universitą 4,

at least a month before the graduation session students have to

access the ESSE3 reserved area and fill in the online Graduation application form
choose the graduation session date
check the “Exams taken” form and fill in the “Not taken exams” form, if necessary
add the data related to the thesis (title, supervisor, etc. ...), which may be modified up to 21 days before graduation

at least 21 days before the graduation session students have to

complete their graduation application
state that the thesis is research work
provide the final title of the thesis
indicate the name of the supervisor and any co-speaker
upload the abstract - summary of the thesis in Italian and possibly in English
type at least 5 keywords
state if they want their data to be inserted into Alma Laurea database. If students do not want it, they must declare it by filling in the online questionnaire.
select "completa domanda conseguimento titolo" in order not to lose all the data entered. This confirmation is essential for the application to be successful.

payment of stamps

Students must provide for the payment of stamps from their personal page in Esse3, under the item Taxes, the total sum is 32.00 euros (16 euros for the graduation application and 16 euros for the degree parchment)
By entering their application, the system automatically invoices 2 stamps, one for the graduation application and one for the release of the degree parchment, so the stamp on the graduation application will be in a virtual way. The Student Secretariat will check the regularity of payments.
The degree application must not be printed, must not be signed (neither by the student nor by the supervisor or co-speaker) and must not be sent to any office.
Within 21 days before the graduation session, all the exams in the curriculum must be taken. The competent offices have the right to check it. For further information about it, please write to
The deadline for uploading the documents to the student secretariat office (21 days) coincides with the deadline for taking exams; the exam transcript may be done later so students are invited to inform the teacher responsible for that exam of their degree so that they can proceed in due time.
The deadline also coincides with the deadline for filing the thesis on Morethesis.

Academic year 2022/2023

session submission graduation
form (31 days)
  (21 days)
27 July 2023 27 June 6 July
17 October 2023 17 September 26 September
18 December 2023 18 November 27 November
3 April 2024 3 March 13 March





Graduation parchment withdrawal

For further info about the graduation parchment withdrawal, please consult this instructions.

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