Graduation days: academic year 2019-20

Bachelor students

July 2020 23rd and 24th July
September 2020 18th September 
November  2020 6th November 
December 2020 11th December 
April 2021 15th April

Master students

July 2020 24th July
October 2020 28th October 
December 2020 18th December 
April 2021 16th April

Rules for photographers’ access
According to memorandum  Nr 158357 of  21st November 2016 only accredited photographers are allowed in. Students may choose the professional they prefer  from the list here published.

Collection of original degree diploma
Students will find information concerning the availability of their original degree diplomas at the following link

Students may  collect their  original degree diplomas at  the Registrar’s Office,  Via Università  4 .  They must show  their ID  and carry a  16 euro revenue stamp.

If students cannot do it personally, they may authorize  another person by sending a formal request with a copy of their current ID . The delegate must carry his/her ID and a  16 euro revenue stamp.

For further information get in touch with

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