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The Department of Economics Marco Biagi

In July 2012 the Marco Biagi Department of Economics in Modena took over the research and teaching functions of the Marco Biagi Faculty of Economics. First established in 1968, the Faculty of Economics soon gained international recognition due to the prestige of the faculty members and the quality of its teaching programmes. In January 1994 the Faculty moved to the Foro Boario, a monumental building dating back to the early nineteenth century. The reputation of the Faculty for research and teaching, including postgraduate programmes, and the promotion of initiatives designed to meet local needs, have resulted in numerous forms of collaboration with the main economic and institutional players, at local, regional, national and international level

An extensive network of international relations
The research programmes of the Department is supported by a dense network of international relations. The Department cooperates with many higher education institutions in other countries in actions promoted by the European Union, including Erasmus+. Students have the opportunity to attend courses at Universities in other European countries and in the rest of the world, and to take part in work experience programmes with international companies and institutions. The number of international students has increased in recent years.

Close relations with the world of work
Through the Placement Office, the Department promotes and manages a series of work experience programmes or internships, thanks to a consolidated network of contacts with employers’ associations, individual undertakings, professional firms, public bodies, foundations and national and international institutions. In this way the Department is able to provide career guidance and to facilitate access to employment on the part of undergraduates and graduates. In 2011 over 60 per cent of those graduating took part in work experience programmes or internships, including students from other European countries and the rest of the world. By means of this programme, thanks to the participation of alumni, relations between the Department and the world of work have been reinforced.

Facilities for effective teaching programmes
The teaching activities take place in the Foro Boario, with additional facilities in Viale Fontanelli and at the Marco Biagi Foundation. The facilities of the Department include lecture theatres, computer and language laboratories, and teaching rooms for small groups. All the teaching rooms are equipped with computers and devices for recording lessons by means of streaming, with a view to promoting the inclusion of students with disabilities and dyslexia. The Department also has extensive wi-fi connections.
The Department offers a range of information and support services, including support on an individual basis, to meet the needs of both Italian and international students.

One of the best equipped and most up-to-date economics libraries in Italy
The Department Library, named in honour of Sebastiano Brusco, houses over 230,000 volumes and more than 4,000 printed periodicals, including over 1,000 current subscriptions. In addition it has electronic subscriptions to 250 electronic journals and numerous databases. The Library provides 320 study places, with wi-fi connections, and 20 computers for the online consultation of electronic journals and university databases.
In addition to traditional lending and consultation services, the Library offers a national and international lending service, with document retrieval and consultancy services for bibliographical research. The Library also offers specific services for the use of databases, software programmes for the creation of written materials and the management of bibliographies.

Computing and language laboratories
The two computer laboratories, equipped for teaching and research, consist of 90 PCs. Two language laboratories, with 70 places for interactive communication between the teacher and the learners, enable students to improve their knowledge of the modern languages taught in the Department.

Not just study
The Student Office plays an important role in enabling students to take an active part in university life. Film projections, student newspapers, cultural debates, sporting events and social events are promoted by the students and their organisations.

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