Information and contacts of the Department structures

Certified electronic e-mail

Teaching Secretariat
tel.: +39-059-205 6916/13/36
fax: +39-059-205 6917

Administrative Office
tel.: +39-059-205 6922/42
fax: +39-059-205 6927

Sebastiano Brusco Library of Economics
tel.: +39-059-205 6972

Department structures

Director of the Department and Secretariat
The offices of the Director of the Department and the Secretariat are in the west wing at the first floor.
Director: Prof. Gianluca Marchi. Office no. 55 East Wing

Teaching Secretariat
Daniela Frigni, Lucia Antonietta Larocca, Lara Liverani, Maria Luisa Resta, Sonia Romanazzi.

The Secretariat is responsible for:

  •     Teaching schedules, examination schedules,  lecture room management
  •     Drafting of the minutes of the Department Council and Committees
  •     Career management  of academic staff
  •     Management of teaching registers
  •     Publication of teaching schedules and course syllabuses.

Administrative Office
Cecilia Docchio, Sara Colombini, Angela Granitto, Paola Grenzi, Emanuela Lippi, Silvia Minervini, Giulia Piscitelli.

Sebastiano Brusco Library of Economics
The Sebastiano Brusco Library of Economics is located on the ground floor of the East Wing.

The Library is open to the public from 8.30 to 20.30 Monday to Thursday and from 8.30  to 20.00 on Fridays (closed on Saturdays).

Lecture halls and laboratories 
Most of the lecture rooms are located on the first and second floors of the main building in Via Berengario 51 (the Foro Boario).
Lessons are also held in the teaching building in Via Fontanelli 11, in the lecture rooms located on the ground floor and first floor. The Department also uses the lecture and seminar rooms at the Marco Biagi Foundation (Largo Marco Biagi 10).
Students have access to the lecture rooms only when lectures are taking place, and the offices only during office hours (Ricevimento) to speak to their professors.

The language laboratory (70 places) is equipped for interactive communication between the language teacher and the students, enabling them to improve their knowledge of modern languages.
The computer laboratory (90 places) is used for classroom teaching, as well as for the students’ own research, the drafting of essays and dissertations, the scanning of images or texts and Internet access. Each student is given a personal e-mail address. The aim is to enable all students to become fully proficient in the use of the PC.

Map of the three buildings: Foro Boario, Via Fontanelli, Marco Biagi Foundation

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