Studying abroad

Who can participate?
Interested students can apply if:

  • they are regularly registered, even if they are “fuori corso”, for the current academic year in one of the degree/master courses of the Marco Biagi Economics Department
  • they are registered in 1st year, as long as they will be registered in 2nd or 3rd year at the time of their departure

Length of study period abroad
The length of the period depends on the hosting partner and is disciplined by the Bilateral Agreement signed by both the universities.

Time of departure:

  • August-September for the first semester or the whole academic year
  • January-February for the second semester

Students can stay abroad for one semester, in general.

Exams and dissertation
The exams that can be taken depend on the hosting partner. Outgoing students must search for all information reading all material available at the International Relations Office and browsing the websites of the partners.

The validation of the exams depend on the contents of each course, comparing the Italian and the foreign ones.

The dissertation can be written partially or wholly abroad, according to the agreements between the supervisor in Modena and his/her contact professor in the hosting partner.

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