Summer session 19-20: how exams will be held

Dear students,
here are some notes on how exams will be held.
They may be either written or oral, at the discretion of each Professor.

Oral tests will be conducted on Google Meet (or on other videoconferencing tools chosen by the Professor, eg. Skype).
Written tests will be on Dolly( in combination with Google Meet.

In order to take your written exams, you must access the platform beforehand, using Unimore credentials. If you have not done it yet , please do so as soon as possible.

I remind you that Professors are uploading their video lessons and all the materials and useful information about their course on Dolly.

For both written and oral exams, personal identification is mandatory: at least three days before the test, you must send the Professor a copy of a valid identity document and a copy of the correctness pact (here attached) by using your institutional Unimore email address.

Professors will constantly update instructions about their exams on Dolly.

While oral tests can also be taken using your smartphone, for written tests you need a computer (fixed or portable) equipped with a camera, microphone, speakers or headphones.

If you do not possess this equipment you are invited to report it immediately to the following e-mail address specifying

  • name and surname
  • matrix number
  • course and attendance year
  • exam you want to take and date

Finally, please note that you are strictly forbidden to record both written and oral exams.

As for the written tests, you will receive shortly an email, by Dolly administrator to install a software on your computer and run a mock test. This test is mandatory to check your technical equipment necessary for the exam.

From April 28, it is possible to register for exams on Esse3. Registration is possible up to 3 days before the date set for the exam. Students who do not register through Esse3 cannot take the exam. 

Please regularly consult the BOX on our Department home page where you will find  all updates.

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