Internship Guidelines in the Covid pandemic period

As of May 25th, and until further notice, internships can be activated in presence or in a mixed form (some hours in presence and some activities remotely) in compliance with the DR 367/2020.
The academic tutor has to give consent and the trainee must agree and be willing to start the internship in presence. If so the student has to sign a consent form.
In the event of external internship, the company has the duty to produce a declaration about the way it will abide by COVID security measures (national, regional and local ones) and how it will provide trainees with the necessary personal protective devices. This document exonerates the university from any liability arising from total or partial non-compliance with the rules. The company has the duty to inform students about all the COVID security measures implemented.
It is still possible to activate internships in remote mode if companies allow smart working.
All necessary information is available at Unimore Internship Guidelines in the Covid pandemic period.

In order to start an internship students will be asked to:
(1) send an e-mail to the internship office ( with their consent form. The internship office will then ask the academic tutor for his/her consent
(2) companies will upload their declaration to the internship platform

Info and forms
Internship Guidelines in the Covid pandemic period 
[trainee and academic tutor] Consent form for internship in presence
[companies] Declaration about COVID security measures