2° semester a.a 21/22: teaching guidelines

The following teaching guidelines apply to all DEMB Degree and Master Degree Courses, with the exception of Labour Relations which, being in mixed/blended mode, continues to follow its own rules as in previous years.

1. Lectures will be in person and live streaming will not be guaranteed, except for objective organisational reasons of the Department, such as the limited capacity of the lecture rooms in relation to the number of registered students.

2. However, lessons will be video recorded, using Microsoft Teams (no longer Collaborate). Each teacher will make their lesson recordings visible, depending on the needs of the class and the possibility of live streaming. In any case, the video recordings must be available at least two weeks before the beginning of the exam period, to allow students to be adequately prepared. Students who test Covid positive and are unable to attend classes via streaming, as well as students with disabilities or DSA, will need to be provided with video recordings as soon as possible, preferably by the end of the week in which the lesson was held.

3. The computer platform used to support teaching is still Moodle: course programmes, teaching materials, links to video recorded lectures, etc. will be uploaded there.

4. Students’ meetings (ex-office hours) will be held primarily online.

5. If a teacher can' t hold one of the scheduled lessons (for reasons connected to the department structure or for personal reasons) and it is not possible to arrange an additional lesson in person, due to the lack of classrooms available at a time suitable to the needs of the students, live streaming will be allowed up to a maximum of 3 lectures. I

Please note that to access the classrooms, you will need to show possession of:

  • basic green pass
  • FFP2 mask or higher, which you will have to wear correctly on your face for the duration of your stay in the building
  •  virtual "badge" issued by the attendance booking system.

These documents will be checked at the entrance, where your body temperature will also be checked.

Attendance tracking system

In order to access the premises, students must have booked their classroom through the booking/tracking system available at the following links:

https://www.unimore.it/covid19/aulexedificio.html?e=MO-07 (Foro Boario)

https://www.unimore.it/covid19/aulexedificio.html?e=MO-08 (via Fontanelli)

https://www.unimore.it/covid19/aulexedificio.html?e=MB (Marco Biagi Foundation)

Students can register from 00.00 hrs on the day of their lesson (not before).

Important reminder

It is compulsory to book classrooms for all the lessons you intend to attend. Only students with a reservation may enter classrooms.