Summer session 21-22: how exams will be held

The exams of the summer session will be held primarily in person.
The exams scheduled in May 2022 will take place according to the procedures already used in the winter session. Waivers to the in-person exam requirement will be granted only for the following reasons (which are also listed in the attached self-certification):

  • Students with underlying health concerns: physical disability or documented physical frailty (verifiable with health authorities)
  • Covid19 positive tested students (verifiable with health authorities)
  • Quarantined or home isolated students (verifiable with health authorities)
  • Students residing in areas with travel restrictions (red zones)
  • Students who can’t be present on the examination day because of vaccine administration scheduled on that day, or on the previous or following day (verifiable with health authorities)
  • Students residing abroad, namely international students regularly enrolled in the Department Courses (not Erasmus students - neither incoming nor outgoing ones).
  • Students with certified vaccine exemption (verifiable with health authorities).

Further details regarding June/July exams will be communicated later.

How to apply for the remote exam
You may only apply for a distance exam if you fall into one of the above cases and your self-certification can be verified by sending the waiver request (duly completed and signed no less than 24 hours before the exam date) to the teacher responsible for the course.

Green pass
We take this opportunity to remind you that the "basic" Green pass is required to enter the Department premises.

Documento( formato non definito ): modulo richiesta esame a distanza - gennaio 2022-ENG