Stage & Placement

The Internship Office at the Marco Biagi Department of Economics promotes internships and grants in Italy and abroad thanks to its well-established network of contacts with profession associations, public and private companies, practices, public authorities, institutions, and national and international establishments.

This service enables students to undertake a period of work experience, with the support of an academic tutor from the Department and a company tutor.

Internships do not constitute an employment relationship but a period spent in a working environment.
The duration of the internship may vary, though by law the maximum is six months (24 months for people with disabilities).
There are two different types of internship:

  • intra-curricular internships – as part of bachelors and postgraduate courses with a view to obtaining the credits necessary to graduate;
  • extra-curricular internships – for recent graduates who wish to acquire experience in the labour market. It is possible to start these internships within 12 months of graduation.

Procedural requirements
For both the types of internships the following documents are required:

  • Agreement between the University (the promoter) and the firm/organization (the host partner) defining the relations between them.
  • Outline of the internship, containing the basis information, such as the personal data of the trainee, the aims of the internship, the insurance policies taken out by the University, the duration, and the starting and finishing dates.

The Marco Biagi Department of Economics Internship Office offers administrative support for firms seeking trainees or wishing to publish vacancy notices for graduates in economic and business, and draws up all the necessary documentation for the placement.

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