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Master’s thesis guidelines - International management

The degree exam, or thesis defence (‘viva’), is an oral examination forming part of the final assessment process for Master’s students. To complete the course, all students must submit a Dissertation, which will be presented and discussed in the viva or thesis defence. The thesis/dissertation must be written in English on a topic related to one specific module of the Master’s degree programme. The degree is awarded to students who have completed all the requirements of the programme, submitted a satisfactory dissertation and successfully defended it.

All students have a supervisor (‘relatore’) to provide direction and support throughout their research. The thesis should constitute a piece of original work which involves conducting research on an approved topic. The dissertation, in addition to this, should combine both theoretical and empirical aspects, although one component may be more prominent than the other. Overall, the thesis is expected to demonstrate the student's ability to apply theoretical and analytical knowledge, and to tackle complex issues within a subject that is part of the Master’s curriculum.

Candidates can apply for the allocation of a supervisor only if (1) they have completed the Master’s Programme or (2) if they still have to take exams but the total number of credits to be earned does not exceed 21.

How to apply for the allocation of your thesis supervisor?

  • Fill in the form available at thesis supervisor allocation form (in attach)

In order to be allocated a supervisor, students need to fill in and submit the form. Applications will be considered three times a year.

The deadlines are:

• at the end of the winter session – deadline: 10th March

• during the summer session – deadline: 10th July

• at the end of the summer session - deadline: 10th October

ALLEGATO (Formato .pdf) : International Management thesis guidelines

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