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Master degree in International Management: call for application 2018/2019

Call for Italian and foreign applicants with an Italian qualification EU citizens (wherever residing) NON EU citizens residing in Italy

On line application: by 27 August 2018

Assessment results: by 19 September 2018
Enrolment: from 23 July to 21 December 2018

The following is necessary for enrolment: - to have a 1st level 3-year degree (Bachelor’s degree) - to possess specific knowledge, with positive evaluation of previous ability
The course is conducted entirely in English.

Please note that it is mandatory to provide a written sworn translation of your Bachelor Degree containing references to date of issue, number of credits and final evaluation.

Besides a “ declaration of value is also necessary.

The declaration of value is an informative document describing the qualification awarded to a given person by an institution belonging to an education system other than the Italian system.

It is usually issued by the Italian Embassy in the country where the qualification was awarded. It generally contains the following information:

  • legal status and type of issuing institution;
  • access requirements for the programme resulting in the qualification;
  • legal duration of the study programme and/or overall commitment required of the student in terms of credits or hours;
  • value of the qualification in the system/country where it was issued, i.e. for academic and/or professional purposes.


For information: Elisa Martinelli (elisa.martinelli@unimore.it), Lara Liverani (lara.liverani@unimore.it), Attilia Lavagno (attiliapiera.lavagno@unimore.it)


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