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Complexity and Specialization in Clusters of European Automotive Regions: Mapping the Potential in Electric Transition

Martedì 13 giugno 2023, ore 14.15, aula 2

Autore:  Tim Becker (Justus Liebig University) e Margherita Russo (UNIMORE)

The transition to electric vehicles is challenging the European regions specialized in the automotive global value chain. A group of such regions have established an Alliance (EU Automotive regions Alliance) calling for ad hoc policy measures to support their transition, to ensure the employment in the regions and the potential of growth so far made possible by the development of automotive industry in their regions. In the literature, different potential is referred to the R&D centers present in the countries (Mordue and Sweeney 2020; Pavlínek 2022), but so far no analysis has explored the cross regional differences in terms of the technological knowledge at regional level. Using patent data, in this paper we investigate the potential of automotive EU regions with respect to the technological knowledge needed for the development of paths of new productions to be embedded in the electric vehicles. 

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