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17th International Conference in Commemoration of Prof. Marco Biagi

The Collective Dimension(s) of Employment Relations. Organizational and Regulatory Challenges in a World of Work in Transformation
The collective dimension is inherent in the concept of the employment relationship, and private rule-making by collective actors has long played a key role in the regulation of the workplace.
On the other hand, in employment relations, the collective dimension is probably the most exposed to the pressure of societal, political and economic changes. In the last few decades, scholars and policy-makers have focused almost exclusively on forms of collective representation (in the form of trade unions, or seeking legitimisation from a direct link with the workforce) on the workers’ side, for the purpose of dealing with conflicting interests by means of a countervailing power. Recently a different dimension has been attracting increasing attention, the ‘collective-relational’ dimension, consisting of the web of relations among workers belonging to the same workplace. This does not constitute a means to achieve countervailing power, but rather a phenomenon inherent in the employment relationship.
The Conference aims at deepening the investigation on the emerging phenomena and their intersections with the traditional patterns, to understand how collective bodies are responding, to identify to what extent and under what conditions the collective dimension can still be considered a theoretical perspective for the analysis of employment relations, and the role that collective players and practices should play in the regulation and management of the workplace.

A Holy Mass in memory of prof. Marco Biagi will be held on 19 of March at 8.30 at San Barnaba church (Via Carteria 108)

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