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International student

The Department of Economics Marco Biagi, according to the Italian Education System, offers courses for different levels.  The First Level Degree Courses (for undergraduate students) last three years.  After then, graduate students can continue studying to earn a Second Level Degree (two more years) or a Master Degree (one year).

All courses are evaluated in credits (1 credit= 25 hours). Most of the official courses are offered in Italian.

For the AY 2014/2015, the courses offered in English are:

  • Macroeconomics (advanced) - Graziella Bertocchi (2nd semester)
  • Industrial Organisation - Ennio Bilancini (1st semester)
  • International Economics and Markets - Marina Murat (2nd semester)
  • Industrial Economics - Sergio Paba (2nd semester)
  • Risk Management - Costanza Torricelli (1st semester)
  • Labour Economics - Anzelika Zaiceva (2nd semester)
  • International Monetary Economics - Mario Forni (2nd semester)
  • Labour History - Andrea Giuntini (2nd semester)
  • Industrial Relations Law - Michele Tiraboschi (2nd semester)
  • Service Management - Eugenio Caperchione (1st semester)
  • Mathematics for Economists - Alberto Zaffaroni (1st semester)
  • Quantitative Methods for Finance - Alberto Zaffaroni, Francesco Pattarin (full AY)
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