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Italian Language Course

A registration for the placement test is due, in order to follow the Italian language course.

Before registering to the placement test for the Italian Language course the student must read attentively the information contained in this section Italian Language Course and available also at the following web page:
Registration must be done using USER ID and Password (see the above section Application form - Registration Guide for Incoming students) following the instructions given at this web page: .

The Language Centre offers intensive (before the beginning of each winter and spring term) and regular (during each winter and spring term) courses to Erasmus students. No courses for beginners (A0-A1) are offered. Before attending an intensive or a regular course students are required to take a
compulsory placement test, to be held at the beginning of the winter and spring term. Students have to register online for the placement test, following the instructions given.
Only students who will pass successfully one of the following levels: B1, B2, C1 and C2 will obtain 4 ECTS credits.

Intensive courses (September and February)
The intensive course is aimed at students who:

  • can produce brief everyday expressions in order to satisfy simple needs of a concrete type: personal details, daily routines, wants and needs, requests for information
  • can use basic sentence patterns and communicate with memorised phrases, groups of a few words and formulae about themselves and other people, what they do, places, possessions etc.
  • have a limited repertoire of short memorised phrases covering predictable survival situations; frequent breakdowns and misunderstandings occur in non-routine situations.

Regular courses - B1, B2, C1, C2 (Winter and Spring term)
Regular B1 course is aimed at students who have a repertoire of basic language which enable themselves to deal with everyday situations with predictable content, though they will generally have to compromise the message and search for words.

There are no courses with a teacher for students who will not attain the required level in the placement test. These students could:

These activities won't give any ECTS credits.

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