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Il ruolo del Knowledge Management e i percorsi di internazionalizzazione delle imprese

mercoledì 27 marzo, ore 14.00 - Aula riunioni, ala ovest

Autore:  Stefano Denicolai (Università degli studi di Pavia)

The paper investigates which and how much knowledge drives international performance through a survey on 310 listed companies in Europe. This research question is relevant for both academics and practitioners since it addresses the need of a deeper understanding of the complex mutual interdependencies between different knowledge assets and firm growth in terms of foreign sales. In particular the survey focuses on knowledge assets which are codified (patents, copyrights,...): if compared to the tacit ones, they are easier to transfer - less sticky - to diverse markets and far away from the place where they are generated (Gassmann and Keupp 2007, Kylaheiko et al. 2011). The theoretical framework relies on the knowledge based view (e.g. Kogut and Zander 1996, Autio, Sapienza and Almeida 2000, Zahra, Ireland and Hitt 2000) and on the theories of internationalization, with special reference to the role of firm-specific advantages in foreign expansion (Dunning, 1958, Dhanaraj and Beamish 2003). The findings of our research confirm some results of prior researches and also point out unexpected outcomes. In particular, the outcomes extend the knowledge of the relation between knowledge, innovation and internationalization. The maximization of foreign sales performance implies an equilibrium between tangible and intangible assets, between internal and external sources of knowledge.

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