Seminari di Economia Politicaiscrviti al nostro rss dei seminari

Martedì, 6 ottobre 2020, ore 14.15 

Eugenio Levi, Marie Curie Fellow (Masaryk University, Brno) 

Understanding the Origins of Populist Political Parties and the Role of External Shocks 

Martedì, 20 ottobre 2020, ore 14.15 

Francesca Caselli (Economist at the International Monetary Fund, Research Department, World Economic Studies Division) 

The Great Lockdown: dissecting the economic effects 

Martedì, 17 novembre 2020, ore 14.15 

Francesco Renna (University of Akron, Ohio) co-authored with Sucharita Ghosh 

Covid-19 and Income-Related Inequality in Stress 

Martedì, 1 dicembre 2020, ore 14.15 

Luca Tedeschi (Università di Padova e University of Nottingham) with Roberto Bonfatti, Giovanni Facchini, Alexander Tarasov and Cecilia Testa 

The Political Economy of Italian Railway Expansion,1879-1890 

Martedì, 15 dicembre 2020, ore 14.15 

Alessandro Sapio (Università di Napoli Parthenope) with Lilit Popoyan 

Shadows disappear at night: climate change and climate-related corporate disclosure in an agent-based IAM